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Fifth Grade Links

Internet Safety




5th Grade Social Studies














Revolutionary War




Amerigo Vespucci  brief but good background
John Cabot  Good background and links.
John Cabot  Very well done
Hernando Desoto  Comprehensive coverage.
Sir Francis Drake  there is much here.
Henry Hudson  Check out this six part data collection.
Empire of the Bay  Learn about the merchants and Explorers of the Hudson Bay Company
Explorations of the Northwest Passage  information about the early to to more modern explorers
Explorers of North America  games to check your knowledge
Zoom Explorers  brief background on explorers old and new
Mariner's Museum  information on old and new explorers that is excellent
Voyages of Discovery  about James Cook
Web de Anza  Spanish exploration and colonization of California
The Incas and Conquistadors  explorations of Pizzarro and more