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General Information

Mrs. Miller - First Grade

MILLER.jpgI can be reached via phone (Ext. 21) before and after school, and sometimes at lunch. If you get into the answering system please leave me a message. You can also send me an e-mail by clicking the small envelope next to my name below:

Report Cards

Report cards will come home with a rubric that explains your child's grades for each quarter.  Report card envelopes need to be returned and signed for quarters one through three.  Please remove all contents before returning.

Grading Scale and Grading Rubric


90%-100%=       4  Excellent

80%-89%=         3  Good

70%-79%=         2  Progressing

69% and below= 1  Improvement Needed



4 = Excellent:  The student works independently and shows a consistent  display of  strength in this area.

3=Good:  The student works independently and is making appropriate gains.

2 = Progressing: The student is doing what is expected and is making gains but is not fully independent in this area.

1 =Improvement Needed:  There is a significant discrepancy between the student’s work or actions and what is expected.


Missing Assignments

For each day your child is absent, they will have two days to make-up missed work.  Any tests missed will be made up in class. 


See front planner pocket every Friday.  Read and initial daily planner note for information and assignments.

Daily Schedule

7:50-8:35 Morning Work/ Calendar

8:35-9:35 Math

9:40-9:55 Recess/Snack

10:00-10:30 Morning Meeting                    

10:30-11:30 Practice Book Pages, Grammar, and Reading (Wednesdays and Fridays)


10:30-11:30  Reading Centers (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)

11:30-11:50  Recess

11:50-12:10 Lunch

12:10-12:20 Read Aloud

12:20-1:20  Writing/Science/Social Studies

1:20-1:35  Recess

1:40-2:20  Specials

2:20-2:40 All First Grade Read Aloud/Wrap up

2:40-2:50 Clean up, Jobs, and Pack up

2:50  Dismissal

Buddies:     Fridays 1:05-1:35

Library:    Wednesdays 9:10-9:40

Computer: P.E. Days 12:10-12:40

Counseling (1st&3rd Tuesdays of the Month) 8:30-9:00

Behavior Program


The behavior program that we use in our classrooms emphasizes positive behaviors. The program involves green, yellow, and red tickets. The behavior program is used in all first grade classrooms at Gold Camp.

Green Tickets

Students strive to get green tickets, which allows them to earn rewards. Green tickets are given anytime we want to reinforce positive behavior. These behaviors include staying on task, students being helpful, students being good listeners in large group or at their seat, or students following instructions or rules. We believe all students respond to this positive reinforcement.

Yellow Tickets

       When a student needs reminding about his/her behavior a yellow ticket is given. A yellow ticket calls attention to the student to correct the behavior. A yellow ticket is a warning and there is no consequence for getting a yellow ticket.

Red Tickets

       When a student continues a behavior after a yellow ticket is given then a red ticket is given. Red tickets should alert a student to straighten up and stop the behavior that is interfering with his/her learning or the learning of others in the classroom. When a red ticket is given the student will lose 5 minutes of recess. Anytime red tickets are given a form is sent home that needs to be signed. If the signed form is not returned the following day the child will sit out their full morning recess. If a student gets 3 red tickets in one day we will usually call home to discuss the situation with you. 

*All yellow and red tickets are removed daily so students begin each day with a fresh start.