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General Information

Mrs. Merritt - Art

Hello, I am Kari Merritt, the Art Instructor at Gold Camp Elementary. This is my ninth year here at Gold Camp, I have been in District 12 for 12 years, teaching previously at Broadmoor Elementary. I have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from The University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master's Degree in Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have previous teaching experience as well in private education.


I can be reached via phone before and after school at 719-327-2820 ext. 46. If you get into the answering system please leave me a message. You can also send me an e-mail by clicking the small envelope next to my name below:


 I encourage all students to create and explore their abilities with the materials provided. Art is a very personal journey and we all perform at different levels. Please remember that the grade your child receives is not a reflection on their worth as a person or as an artist, it simply reflects where they are in their artistic process in my classroom. Behavior, best effort, quality craftsmanship, participation and following directions earn high grades. The grading in Art is done on a 1-4 number system with 4 being the highest mark, and 1 the lowest. Most students will receive a 3, unless the stand out on either end of the spectrum.

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General Classroom Information and Schedule

The students here at Gold Camp are fortunate to have Visual Art every third day, rotating with PE and Music. Our classes are 40 minutes long and we generally complete 5-7 projects per school year. The projects are broken down into steps, and depending on the project take 2-5 classes to complete. Projects taught incorporate the elements and principles of design, and many artists' works and styles  are studied  as well. Projects also incorporate and teach to the CDE State Standards for Art.

We work in a variety of media in all grade levels, completing 2D and 3D work: pencils, colored pencil, crayon, markers, clay, collage with paper, wood, metal, wire, clay, and a variety of paints are all a part of our artistic experience! I also utilize and encourage recycled materials. 

This year some of the artwork will come home upon completion, however most will be saved until right before the art show, where students will decide on their best piece of work to hang in the show. The other work will come home at that time. All student work will come home by the end of the year, and I try to keep the main hall at school full of student work! 

I would encourage you not to send your child to school in his/her best clothing on art days. Although we wear smocks and precautions are taken, art is messy and accidents happen.

Safety is a high priority in my classroom, and the proper use of tools and equipment are taught at the beginning of the year, and reinforced all year long.

We have several art shows/ displays during the school year here at Gold Camp, and the District Art Show at the Cheyenne Mtn. High School in the spring. Every student is represented at our school show. This year I plan on representing the 5th and 6th graders during the Winter Band Concert on December 13th, the 2nd graders the night of their musical on March 15th, 3rd and 4th grades will be represented May 9th during the recorder ensemble and band concert, and last but not least the Kindergarten and first grades will have a display during the book fair in April TBA.

The District Art Show is a district wide celebration of art where I may select no more than 35 students who represent our school. As you can imagine is is very difficult to only chose 35! I also try to get our students work out on public display as often as opportunity arises. In the past we have had art on display at the Colorado Springs Airport, the Utilities and Conservation Center, Dogtooth Cafe, and the public library on 8th street. 

We use all kinds of found materials and I welcome your donations of just about anything that has shape and form or color. I accept spools, buttons, beads, pipe cleaners, fabric, papers of many colors, stencils, paint, wood, wire, you name it....we will turn it into art!