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Mark Your Calendars!


2nd Grade Musical - "Bremen Town Jam" - March 14th at 2:00 for the school and 6:30 for family and friends.


6th Grade Musical - "Space Pirates" - April 25th at 1:45 for the school and 6:30 for family and friends.


3rd Grade Recorder Ensemble Concert - May 8th at 1:45 for the school and 6:30 for family and friends.


General Information

Mrs. Seay - Vocal Music

SEAY.jpgWelcome to music!  I am in my twenty-second year of teaching music in the Cheyenne Mountain School District and I love the Cheyenne community.  My background runs through all types of music from instrumental performance, vocal ensembles, musical theater, percussion ensembles, and conducting.  I have a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Wyoming (Go Pokes!) and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Grand Canyon University.  I  can be reached via phone before and after school, and sometimes at lunch. My extension is #58. If you get into the answering system please leave me a message. You can also send me an e-mail by clicking the small envelope next to my name below:


I believe that every child is a musician.  In music students explore all types of music through movement, listening, composing, singing and playing instruments.  Students begin learning to read music in kindergarten, at the same time they are learning to read words.  Music is a universal language that provides our students another way to express themselves and connect with the world around them.  Experiencing music in a large variety of ways allows for the development of the whole child.